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2. Download lo-res .mov clips for your offline edit
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4. Arrange your license and pay
5. Receive high-res master footage

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About Journeyman Footage

The Journeyman Footage library is a dynamic encyclopedia of the world that has continuously documented history as it unfolds.

Amongst our vast archive, producers and researchers will encounter high-quality material of significant moments across the globe from the 1890s up to the present moment.
Our collection is equally dedicated to capturing the weird and wonderful stories of people throughout history.
As a result, the Journeyman Footage library in an archive brimming with scenes of conflict, disaster, innovation, defiance, and cooperation.

Our library is maintained by our hardworking staff who pride themselves on their thorough research ability and friendly customer service to personally curate clips from our ever-growing collection of films.
So, whether you are looking to license material for your new feature, music video, or whatever your project may be, be sure to contact footage@journeyman.tv first for all your footage needs.

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