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About Journeyman Footage

The Journeyman Footage library is a dynamic encyclopaedia of the world that continuously documents history as it unfolds.

Amongst our vast archive, producers and researchers will encounter high-quality material of significant moments across the globe from the 1890s up to the present moment.

Just a handful of our latest additions includes:
  • Exclusive coverage of the war in Ukraine.
  • Powerful scenes of protest for multiple causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement, universal abortion rights, and global pro-democracy campaigns.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the political careers of various world leaders such as Aung San Suu Kyi, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin.
  • Rare rushes of the Apollo 11 mission captured by renowned filmmaker Theo Kamecke.
  • Provocative images from 20th and 21st century conflicts such as the Yemeni Civil War, the Eritrean-Ethiopian War, and the Salvadoran Civil War.
We are also pleased to announce the launch of our YouTube channel where our archivists share the best of the Journeyman library.
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So, whether you are looking to license material for your new feature, music video, or whatever your project may be, be sure to contact Journeyman Footage first for all your archive needs.

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